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Welcome to the world of Domi! ☀️

My name is Dominique, a Dutchie wandering around exploring the world trying to keep life as simple as possible.

📍Current location: Aldinga Beach, Australia

Before you start clicking and scrolling, know what you’re signing up for:

☀︎ I am a stubborn “I can figure it out myself” kinda person which is not always a good thing but often is the start of a good story.

☾ I don’t shy away from real talk. I love sharing about my personal experiences and the lessons I learned.

☆ Freedom, simplicity, and sustainability are key values in my life.

❤︎ I'm on an infinite journey of finding balance and living a holistic life by going back to nature and exploring its fascinating cycles.

6 Months ago, I went off all social media platforms and started sharing stories about my life here and sending out a monthly newsletter with updates about my life. Learn more or sign up below!



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Combining 2 passions providing customised digital marketing solutions for small business owners with a holistic approach.

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It is my greatest honour to offer the Hearthworks Lomi Lomi massage to anyone who is looking to relax and open their heart space.

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